Adjutant Notes-Jan 2018

Adjutant Notes

Finished 2017 with 141 American Legion members. That’s 16 paid up for life, 33 new members and 4 transfers. 26 members renewed on-line, we’d love to see more on-line renewals. On-line renewals can print their membership card after renewing, automatically go into nationals data banks and saves us time & money.

Ending the year with the most American Legion members in the Department of Mexico (which includes Central and South America), making us the largest Post South of the US Mexican border.  

Now let’s talk about 2018; we have 104 American legion members as of December 1st, we have made all of our membership goals for the year so far.

As I write this we are 43 members behind Antigua, Guatemala (leading the department in number of members) and 43 members short of goal. Meaning we need a minimum of 43 more members before June 2018.  This is doable but it gets more difficult to get renewals after the first of the year. The reason is if a 2017 member don’t renew their membership in time to get it into national (has to be into national before the end of the year) they lose their continuous years so are less likely to renew.

Our attrition is almost entirely 1, and 2 year members so we need to work harder to engage our new members, get to know them, keep them informed, get them involved and feeling that they are a valued part of our Post.

So we have to largely rely on new members for the rest of 2018. Our mid-winter goal for January 17th is 118 members. You can keep up on how many members we have on the Good of the Legion board in the cafeteria.

Please encourage members that haven’t renewed to renew and eligible veterans who are not members to join.  

We also finished 2017 with 39 Auxiliary members, 39 Sons of the American Legion members and 53 Social members. So that makes a grand total of 272 members for 2017. Let’s work together and beat that for 2018.

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