Adjutant Notes


Vince Britton

Adjutant Notes
Our Adjutant (Vince Britton) is resigning and moving back to the USA.
We are looking for a replacement to be trained before he departs.

Please contact the Adjutant, Commander or any Legion officer if you are interested with your contact information.

Job description
The Adjutant is the “First Sergeant” (Recording Secretary) of the post. He is appointed by the Commander. He is in charge of the administration and details of running the post. Works with all post officers and committees.
Duties and Responsibilities


  • Attend all post meetings.
  • Prepare agenda with Commander’s input for meetings. Work with the Commander as he requires.
  • Supply preamble scripts to members for meetings.
  • Take attendance at meetings.
  • Make membership report at post meetings.
  • Report new members, renewals and transfers to the department.
  • Read previous meeting minutes at meetings.
  • Write and file minutes from post meetings.
  • Maintain post records; minutes, membership, and what is otherwise required.


  • Keep the Commander and 1st Vice Commander informed of membership status like total members, new members, goals, and incentives.
  • Verify membership is correct with the department and national.
  • Maintain the Consolidated Post Report annually. (This is Important, this report is used by Nation with all other post reports, to present to the US Congress).
  • Provide the Commander with the annual Department Post Report to present at the Department Convention.


  • Publish official orders, announcements and instructions.
  • Provide a list of officer duties when needed.
  • Maintains communication with the Department Adjutant.
  • Check up on, and assist the work of other officers and committees.
  • Coordinate between the other legion organizations. (Aux, SAL Social Volunteers and the Legion).
  • Post election sign up sheet as per post constitution and by-laws.
  • Report deceased members to department. (recommend doing once a year in June after post elections or at the department convention).


  • Keep legion administration supplies stocked.
  • Order supplies from Emblem sales as needed. (US & Mexican flags, continuous year pins, etc.)