Adjutant Notes

I still think my most important role is to keep the membership informed. I believe when you keep information to yourself it makes you important and powerful but when we share information it strengthens the organization. It also minimizes misinformation and misunderstandings.

Our Chaplain has been busy; he has been working his way through our membership.  Calling everyone he can reach to check on how they are doing.  If we have sick ailing members we want to know and provide all the help we can. If they have problems we can help them with we want to do that. As well as just call and say “howdy”. We have many members that we never or rarely see, some that haven’t even been to Mexico. Yet we want you all to know you are appreciated and not forgotten.

Our Service Officer just finished school where he has learned the service officer basics. Now that he is back he will be posting important VA benefits information on the Service Officer’s board in the outside TV area next to the dart board.  He may also periodically write an article for the Roll Call.  

Thank you

Vince Britton