Blood Donation Phone Line

There is no central “Blood Bank” in Jalisco. If someone needs blood, then arrangements for qualified individuals to travel to the hospital and donate blood need to be made. This can be quite complicated and stressful for the individuals involved.

To relieve some of the mess and stress of all of this, a new pilot project in being launched with the support of the Lake Chapala Society, and Cruz Roja with the American Legion.

It is currently a call in hot-line where a person leaves a message on an answering machine. The message should include the following data in a clear voice: NAME, PHONE NUMBER, THE DATE THE BLOOD IS REQUIRED, AND THE NAME OF THE HOSPITAL requesting the blood. The answering machine is monitored twice a day by volunteers, and within 24 hours the person requesting blood will be contacted.

The volunteers spearheading this pilot project are learning how complicated coordinating this type of work is. However if it is successful, we anticipate it growing in scope of service making it a model that could be used statewide or even nationally.

If you are interested in being a blood donor e-mail, and details will be sent to you.

If you need a Blood Donor call (376) 766-1976 and the Bloodline team will help you meet the requirements.

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