Randall Butler

The Commander is the CEO of the Post.  Envisions and sets the agenda, goals and mission of the Post. Leads the Post to accomplish these objectives. Approves all disbursements of post funds. Supervises the duties of all post officers, represents the post and presides over the posts meetings. CEO of the post.                           

1st Vice Commander

Larry Nottingham

The 1st Vice Commander is second in command of the Post.  The duties include responsibility for  Post membership; recruiting, renewing, and tracking membership.                                                                                                 

2nd Vice Commander

In charge of post moral and post activities. Third in command of the post.   



Vince Britton

In charge of the administration and details of running the post. Works with all post officers and committees. He is the “First Sergeant” of the post. (Appointed by the Commander)                

Finance Officer

Bob Allen

In charge of all post funds. Handles all financial and accounting affairs of the post. CFO of the post.

Service Officer


Handles the administration of all services available to veterans and programs that could be implemented within our community to benefit all. The officer to see about all your veteran needs. (Appointed by the Commander)


Judge Advocate


Vince Britton

Charged with being the Constitution and By-Laws expert.  Expected to be knowledgeable on post policies and traditions. Insures a proper audit of post funds is conducted annually.                                                                                                                                                               

Sergeant At Arms


Zane Pumiglia

Is the flag etiquette expert. Handles the set-up for meetings, and preserves order at all meetings. In charge of the proper care of our flags, the POW/MIA table and our duty officer schedule and training.                                                                                                                                                       



Is the post’s moral leader, in charge of the spiritual welfare of the post. Offers divine but non-sectarian prayer for all meetings and ceremonies.

Members at Large

Dan Williams
Phil Brewer
Chuck Giles
Dave Boatwright
Angela Miller
(Kitchen Liaison)