U.S. Vote Foundation (US Vote) is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit, civic tech development organization with a crystal-clear mission, Every Citizen is a Voter. Our goal is to enable every US citizen to influence the leadership of their communities and country through the power of their vote.

Our Overseas Vote initiative reaches US citizens around the world – each of which carries their right to vote with them where ever they may be.


Unlike other publicly offered voter registration or ballot request tools or widgets, US Vote’s service produces the complete state-specific forms, which often require substantially more information than the National Voter Registration Form. Voters using their state forms will provide more complete information to their election office. Overseas citizen voters and military voters can use US Vote’s services to complete their official federal voter registration and absentee ballot request application.

Where other services provide only state office addresses, US Vote integrates with our Election Official Directory (EOD) database to provide voters with complete contact details and mailing addresses for their local election office where they will be able to send their forms and access the best direct service. Our EOD is the most comprehensive listing of election offices available.

US Vote is poised to respond to the growing need for alternatives to polling place voting. Many voters need easier access to absentee voting, including students, travellers, elderly persons, overseas citizens, uniformed service members and their families, disabled and homebound people, those who work long hours or double shifts, people who travel for work, and parents without childcare.

U.S. Census data suggest that 48% of nonvoters did not vote for reasons that could have been solved by absentee voting. US Vote gives these voters the ability to generate accurate and complete state-specific voter registration and state-specific absentee ballot request applications across all states with instructions and local election office addresses, in addition to providing comprehensive voter information tools.