Senior and Assisted Living Facilities

Lakeside Senior and Assisted Living Facilities


This facility is the only one on this list that is NOT assisted living. Residents must be over 65, self-sufficient and independent, but choose not to live alone.

Capacity: 8 rooms/casitas

Owner: None. Non-profit. It is run by a committee of volunteers and only the house manager, maid and gardener are paid employees.

Address: Privada Independencia #9, Ajiic (directly across from the Ajijic Malecon)

Telephone: (376) 766-2794, Brian Howard


Website: and

Includes: Meals

Levels of Care: None

Pets? No, but they have a resident dog.

Alicia’s in La Floresta

Capacity: Approximately 26 residents; largest facility at Lakeside

Owner: Alicia Sandoval (Alicia’s son, Alejandro Mejilia helps manage)

Address: Paseo del Lago #7, La Floresta, Ajijic – Telephone: (376) 766-3152 – physically disabled patients

Paseo del Lago #57 – Telephone (376) 766-3087 (this facility has mainly Alzheimer’s patients)

Other Telephone: (376) 766-4152



Includes: Everything but doctor visits, diapers and medications

Levels of Care: #57 is mainly for Alzheimer’s patients; the #7 location is for various levels of physical disability all the way to end-of-life care

Pets? Depends on individual situation

Alicia’s La Canacinta Location

Capacity: 10

Owner: Alicia Sandoval’s husband and son run the facility

Address: Calle del Lago #23

Telelphone: (376) 766-0721



Includes: Everything but doctor visits, diapers and medications

Levels of care: Varies

Pets? Probably not

Directions: Going west on the Carretera past Ajijic, you will pass Villa Nova and Rancho del Oro on your right. Continue until you see Vicki’s Hideaway Restaurant. On the next corner, turn left where you see a sign saying Cactus. Go almost all the way down to the lake to Calle del Lago. Turn left to #23. Red concrete-type fence. No sign in front.

La Casa Azul (The Blue House)

Capacity: 7 rooms with 7 residents. Two more rooms are being added.

Owner: Dr. Robert Martinez (Ramos), a gerontologist

Address: Calle camino Real #123 in La Floresta (lake side)

Telephone: (376) 766-1256 or 766-1695


Website: None

Includes: Everything but personal items and medications

Levels of care: Mildly disabled to various levels of forgetfulness

Pets? Yes

Directions: Drive south on Revolucion (the Tianguis street) from the Carretera. Take the first left turn. La Casa Azul will be the fifth house from the corner (white with lots of blue trim). No sign in front.

La Casa Nostra

Capacity: Approximately 14 residents

Owner: Delia Villanueva

Address: Santa Margarita #6, Riberas del Pilar

Telephone: (376) 765-3824


Website: None

Includes: Three daily meals, laundry service, maid service, doctor visit at least once a week. (everything but diapers and medications).

Levels of Care: There are 3 levels – including end-of-life care with a nurse on duty 24/7.

Pets? Yes

Directions: Drive west on the Carretera from Ajijic, turn left on San Jorge (just before Maskaras Clinic and Mom’s Restaurant). Continue 1 block to Santa Margarita and turn right. On your left in the first block. No sign in front.

La Valentina Seniors Residence & Convalescent Home

Capacity: 6 units

Owner: Martha Benavides, Mt. BM & Biotherapist

Address: Carretera Ajijic-Jocotepec #905 (close to La Cristina)

Telephone: (376) 766-5179



Includes: Everything but personal items, medications and doctor

Levels of care: Varies – they provide a full-time nurse, all natural organic meals, spa treatments and other activities

Pets? No. They have a therapy dog on site.

Directions: Driving west from Ajijic, go past the Japanese nursery and Tres Cañadas. Look for 3 small bars, then an empty field, then a large sign with #905 on it. Turn right.

El Paraiso

Capacity: 6 beds (in some cases, 2 patients share a room)

Owner: Maura Fuentes (Isabel has limited English)

Address: Paseo de la Loma #80, Upper La Floresta

Telephone: (376) 766-2365


Website: None

Includes: Everything but diapers, doctor visits and personal items.

Levels of Care: Varies

Pets? No, but they may come and visit

Directions: Drive west on the Carretera from Chapala, turn right at the La Floresta sculpture and light, go two blocks to Paso de La Loma, turn right. It will be the third house on the left. No sign in front.

Lakeside Care

Capacity: 8 at present. They are considering expansion.

Owner: Sara Vega, Nurse

Address: 390 Cuauhtemoc, Jaltepec, Jocotepec

Telephone: (387) 767-1717, Ron’s cell 331 406 5253, Sara’s cell 332-538-6172



Includes: Everything but doctors, medications and diapers.

Levels of Care: All levels, including Hospice.

Pets? Yes, small pets

Directions: 1-1/2 miles west of San Juan Cosalá on the lake side of the Carretera. No sign in front.


Capacity: Small with only 4 rooms, each with private bath

Owner: Joannie and Fernley Smith

Address: Ramon Corona #169, San Antonio Tlayacapan

Telephone: (376) 766-1359 or US VOiP phone 602-903-6296


Website: none

Directions: From the Carretera going through La Floresta, turn toward the lake on Paseo de las Olas. Turn left on Ramon Corona (the last street where you can turn left). On your right (lake) side. No sign in front.

Important Questions to Ask “Yourself” When You are Choosing a Facility

  1. Is the facility clean and sweet smelling
  2. What is the noise level?
  3. What level(s) of care are provided?
  4. Do they serve predominantly American meals or Mexican-type food or a mixture of both?
  5. Are clients free to come and go as they please if they are not mentally handicapped?
  6. Can visitors freely visit or must they make an appointment first?
  7. Do they offer TV with American programming?
  8. Do they offer a free or inexpensive long-distance telephone service so that clients can call their family?
  9. Do they offer any activities or outings for the clients? If so, what?